Amanda Briceston was in a very good mood. It had been three months since she had become a witch. During that time, Amanda’s powers and abilities had grown enormously. Amanda had also broken the news to her mother that she was a witch. At first, this was very difficult for her mother to understand. Eventually, her mother knew the importance and the pride that Amanda had in being a witch.

Amanda had not been summoned by Samantha Edgars, the Head Mistress of Castle Corners, since the day she left the castle as a full fledged witch. However, Amanda knew that she would be called upon by Ms. Edgars very soon. Her premonitions were correct. The very next day, a note came to Samantha delivered by Chelsey, a black Persian cat. It read: “Dear Samantha, please come to Castle Corners at once. Witch Hillary has been kidnapped. We believe that the Wizard of Vixar is behind this incident. Her very life may depend upon your ability to stop the Wizard.” Witches Love, Samantha Edgars.

All of a sudden, Amanda felt ill. Her best friend had been kidnapped. Hillary’s life was in jeopardy. Amanda spoke to her mother about her need to go to Castle Corners. A worried look came over her mother. “Please be careful dear. I don’t know what I would do if anything ever happened to you.”

“I understand. I will be careful, but I must do everything possible to save my friend, Hillary.

Amanda set off for the castle on her Westerly 3000 broomstick. Before long, she arrived at Castle Corners. There were several anxious and worried witches surrounding the Head Mistress. Ms. Edgars was delighted to see Amanda again. “I wish you were here under better circumstances,” remarked a concerned Ms. Edgars.

“I have gathered you here to announce our intentions to go after the Wizard of Vixar and rescue Witch Hillary. It will be a dangerous mission. The Wizard has awesome powers and wicked allies. I have been informed by Witch Jennifer that the Wizard is in Morrows Crossing. Please proceed there at once.”

A total of twelve witches were ready to leave for the dangerous mission. “Just a minute,” Ms. Edgars said to Amanda. “I know how much your friend means to you. However, please exercise some caution. Witch Mildred will be flying by your side. She has been a witch for thirty years. Listen to her counsel. She is very wise and will be of great value to you. Good luck, Amanda.”

The witches flew out of the Castle. In the darkness, they looked like a stream of smoke crossing the night sky. Witch Maura led the way. She was the senior witch and also the most powerful. Her spells and magic were supreme. After an hour in flight, the witches arrived in Morrows Crossing. At first, the silence was palpable. It was too quiet! From around the corner of Elston Street, the beginnings of a stampede could be heard. “Valtors!” screamed Witch Emerald. Ugly, troll-like creatures with big, thick tusks and hairy bodies appeared in hordes. Three witches perished in the attack before Witch Maura could produce her wand and cast a powerful spell upon the Valtors. “I have frozen them,” announced Witch Maura. “This is the Wizard’s black magic. He has killed three of our fellow witches. His crimes shall not go unpunished.”

Witch Mildred led Amanda over to the East Ridge Corridor. They searched the small stores and eateries. No one was around. The place was totally deserted.
As Witch Mildred was about to turn around to inspect the West Ridge Corridor, she was suddenly struck by an orange, round object. Immediately, a siring pain came over Witch Mildred. She collapsed to the ground. Amanda looked up in the sky and saw the sinister figure of the Wizard of Vixar. “She’ll be no help to you now, Amanda. I have rendered the other witches helpless as well. My magical orbs have seen to that.”

“Where is Witch Hillary?” shouted Amanda.

“I wouldn’t worry about her right now,” responded the Wizard. ” I kidnapped her so that I could bring you to me. You are the only person who can get in my way of total rule. I’m going to put a halt to that right now. In my hand, I have three mini orbs. The green orb stands for fire. The red orb stands for daggers of pain. And the blue one stands for madness. You are about to experience all three at the same time. No one has ever survived my triple orb attack.”

Amanda thrust her magic wand in the air and chanted at once, “Orbs of green, red, and blue, attack the owner through and through.” Before the Wizard of Vixar could release his deadly orbs, he watched in horror as they attacked him instead.

“Ahhhh!” shrieked the Wizard. “Help me! I can’t stand the pain!”

“Tell me where Witch Hillary is and release the spells from the other witches or you shall remain locked in your own pain forever.”

The Wizard told Amanda that Witch Hillary was in the Old Junctions Building. Amanda found Hillary safe and in good health. She saw to it that the Wizard released all the witches from their painful ordeals. The three witches who had been attacked by the Valtars miraculously were brought back to life. Morrows Crossing was bustling with people shopping in friendly stores and dining at the quaint restaurants. As for the Wizard of Vixar, Amanda released him from the cursed orbs, but only after casting the Wizard upon an iceberg in the Arctic.

When the witches returned to Castle Corners, the Head Mistress greeted them warmly. She was relieved that all her friends were safe, but alarmed by the continued threat of the Wizard of Vixar. “Amanda, you are blessed with abilities and powers beyond the reach of most witches. Thank you for your courageous efforts. We will see you again soon. The Witches’ Games begins in one month. I would be honored if you represented Castle Corner in some of the events.”

“I’d love to participate,” replied Amanda excitedly. The young witch waved goodbye to all her friends and gave Hillary a great big hug. “I’m looking forward to seeing all of you again soon.” Amanda then mounted her Westerly 3000 broomstick and headed home across the moonlit sky.


Featured Image by Globetrotter19