If you return to Anguilla enough you have the opportunity to stay at more than one of the fabulous guests accommodations available such as the Sand Castle Villa. Anguilla is known as one of the premier and more exclusive islands in the Caribbean. The beaches are beautiful, people are wonderful and it is definitely a playground for the rich and famous but also for people who have a passion for travel and fine things including guest’s accommodations.

The Sand Castle Villa in Anguilla is one of the more classically designed villas accented by beautiful arches and locate on the shoreline of Anguilla on Limestone Bay. In the center of the courtyard of the villa is a beautiful pool, which is accented by arches. The Sand Castle Villa is spacious and features an open floor plan and has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, dining room, living room, media suite and exercise suite. State-of-the-art electronics are available including surround sound plasma televisions, stereos, DCD and CD players, Wi-Fi, a computer room, high speed Internet and more. The Sand Castle Villa is also air-conditioned.

The design of the villa makes Sand Castle Villa a real stand out. Guests are welcome to the villa with huge mahogany doors, which open onto a beautiful spacious area of tiled floors, vaulted ceilings, and décor indicative of West Indian influence. The color palette is one that is calm and cool.

The exterior of the villa is equally beautiful as there are lush gardens that surround the property and of course the columns and arches that create a stunning classical look. Guests have access to outdoor showers off the bedroom balconies that allow the freedom of sunbathing and then cooling off while enjoying the climate. Sand Castle Villa also comes equipped with a grill for guests to enjoy their hand at preparing local cuisine such as tarragon snapper, grilled crayfish, and grilled striped bass. Guests to Sand Castle Villa can reach Anguilla by flying directly into the island or by flying to Saint Martin and taking the ferry over.