If you think that you have to travel to France or Scotland to see beautiful castles, you might try looking in your own backyard!

New York has a plethora of beautiful castles that are open to the public, each of which claims a unique corner of American history. If you’ll be in NYC in the near future, consider visiting some of these amazing landmarks.

Castle on the Hudson

Castle on the Hudson River . Photo by Ken Traub

The Castle on the Hudson, for example, is located only about half an hour north of Manhattan, and is more than 100 years old.

Even better, this is one of the only castles in New York that allows guests to book rooms overnight, and according to their web site is a favorite of celebrities. They also offer facilities for special occasions, such as weddings and fundraisers, and they have numerous on-site amenities such as a spa, golf course and fitness center.

Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle, Huntington, Long Island, NY Photo by Oheka Castle

Another favorite castle of New York is the Oheka Castle, which is close in age to the Castle on the Hudson but is more of a private facility. They offer tours, weddings and other special events, but reservations are required far in advance to secure a space. The architecture and decor is decidedly French, and the grounds of the castle are filled with formal gardens and other visual treats.

Belburst Castle

Belhurst Castle in Geneva on Seneca Lake – Photo by BaldEagleBluff @ flickr

Or, if you don’t mind traveling to find castles in New York, you might like the Belburst Castle, which is located upstate in Geneva. Take a break from NYC for a while to enjoy classic guitar entertainment, an expansive winery, and the gorgeous Edgar’s formal restaurant. This New York castle also provides overnight accommodations for those who drive a long way.

Come Visit!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick trip through NYC’s most amazing castles! If you thought you had to go to Europe to see some of these amazing buildings, now you can plan a weekend trip and enjoy a fun adventure with family and friends