The Washington has so many wonderful places to spend your vacation days. However, choosing a great bed and breakfast can make that getaway special in so many ways.

Manresa Castle located In Port Townsend, Washington

Charles and Kate Eisenbeis called Manresa Castle home in 1892 upon its completion. Charles became the first mayor of Port Townsend in 1878 by election of the citizens of the city. Castle Manresa was designed to be reminiscent of the castles found in Eisenbeis’ native Prussia. With 12-inch thick walls of brick and a roof of slate the Manresa Castle had 30 rooms in total. When Charles passed away in 1902 and Kate remarried the Castle remained vacant except for the caretaker for some 20 years.

Manresa Castle Interior. Photo by Michael & Sherry Martin

Purchased in 1925 by a Seattle attorney the Manresa Castle was to be a vacation place for nuns who were teachers in the Seattle area. After finding that this idea did not work well in 1927 Jesuit priests bought the building and used it as a college for the study of ascetic theology.

A chapel and sleeping rooms were built as an add-on to the Manresa Castle in 1928. It was at this time that the first elevator was installed. With new stucco the Jesuits renamed the building “Manresa Hall” after the town where the Jesuits order was founded in Spain, Ignatius Loyola. Leaving the Castle in 1968 the hotel was created and the name ‘Manresa Castle’ actually came into being. The renovations have continued since 1968 and what was once the home of the Jesuits is not a B B; Hotel and Inn with 43 bathrooms.

Just what people of today are looking for when wanting to spend a quiet, beautiful weekend in the countryside. Today visitors to Manresa Castle can hike the trails along the waterfront and nearby Fort Worden State Park. Wine tasting at the local wineries in Port Townsend, both the Sorenson Cellars and FairWinds Winery have great tasting rooms. Visit the Victorian seaport and historic downtown district, stroll the Key City Fish Company, an old-style fish market. Hit a round of golf balls at the Port Townsend Golf Club. Or perhaps visiting the local breweries for an afternoon can be part of your visit. Visit the Port Townsend Brewing Company and taste some of the fantastic local brews in the beer garden, or the Water Street Brewing amp; Ale House can serve up a number of award-winning beers on tap.

Rates at the Manresa Castle range from $109.00 to $229.00. Continental Breakfast is included and there is an extra $10.00 charge for any extra persons in each room. The Castle Key Restaurant is located at the Castle and serves up some of the freshest local fare in the area. These wonderful mouth watering dishes served in the historic Manresa Castle overlooking Port Townsend make for a great and romantic meal. Keep in mind that the restaurant is closed on Mondays.

Each room is decorated with antique furniture, all rooms have a great view and decor is calming and intriguing. Special packages are available and each one has something different to offer the guests at Manresa Castle. Some come with a choice of a cocktail, glass of wine, hors d’ oeuvre plates for two, dinner, continental breakfast, bottle of wine or Champagne for those special occasions, and many more packages are available for several prices. Some prices are as low as $99.00 some as high as $269.00 per couple.

With all the historical intrigue and great activities in the Port Townsend area the Manresa Castle is a must visit B B.;



Featured Image Credit: Joe Mabel