San Antonio has some of the best tourist attractions in Texas. It has Six Flags Fiesta Texas, SeaWorld, Alamo, RiverWalk and the San Antonio Zoo to name a few.

There are also some fantastic family spots that may be unknown to others, especially to the new residents. One of which is the Malibu Castle. It is in fact the first ever Go Kart Park in San Antonio, Texas. This family amusement park may not be as grand as the tourist destinations mentioned above but Malibu Castle has a charming nature that attracts kids of all ages. It offers an exciting entertainment for the whole family. Here is the complete list of attractions at San Antonio’s Malibu Castle. We are also providing some tips to help you and your family have a blast at the park.
Miniature Golf

Features: It has two 18-hole miniature golf courses, with water features, mini castle, ship, houses, and windmill, and a wooden pavilion. There are enough trees around the golf course to provide shaded areas. It is also well-lighted so you can still play at night time.

Attraction Fee: $7.00 per Adult; $6.00 for Children 12 years old and younger; $6.00 for Seniors 55 years old and above.

Specials: You can choose any colored golf balls you like to use. The colored putter comes in sizes. There is also a first hour business special promo. It is the Early Bird Miniature Golf for guests who arrive in the first hour of their business day. These guests can pay $3.50 only for a one round of miniature golf.

Tips: You can choose whether to start at the first or second golf course. But we suggest that you start with the first miniature course to fully enjoy the game. There are 18 holes and a number indicated on each starting point. The starting point is a black carpet-like with tiny holes on it where you can put and mark your ball. You can easily spot it right away. Follow the miniature courses according to its number to enjoy the different challenging holes. The best thing is every member of the family can play all together on each course. See who can beat who!

Go Karts

Go kart editGo kart edit – Image credits at the end of this article.


Features: It has single and two-seated Go Karts. The race tracks have intensifying turns so watch your brake pedal closely. There are also thrilling curves and slight uphill track that adds to your energizing adventure!

Attraction Fee: $5.50 for 5 a minute session

Restrictions: The driver must be at least 54 inches tall. If you want to drive the two-seated Go Kart, your passenger must be between 40″ to 53″ tall. And you must be at least 18 years old. Another reminder is for women who have hair longer than their shoulders. It is recommended for them to tie their hair back. This is a caution for the hair not to run through the engine, which is behind the seat.

Tips: You must measure your child’s height before heading straight to the race tracks. This is to avoid any unnecessary explanations to your going-to-be-excited child. You might even have a difficult time discussing the restrictions with him. So we suggest that you measure your child’s height first. There is an available measuring wall on the cashier’s area if you can’t measure the height at home.

Bumper Boats

Rainbows End Bumper BoatsRainbow’s End Bumper Boats – Image credits at the end of this article.


Features: The electric motor bumper boats have easy-to-steer bars. The steering bars also have water squirt buttons used to target and soak your family or friend! It also has an extra seating for a passenger, ideally for the little ones. There is also a life jacket provided for them. Reminder: There is a water fountain on one side of the pool! So you better watch out! Or else you will totally get wet!

Attraction Fee: $5.50 for a 5 minute session and the passengers are free of charge.

Restrictions: Take note that the drivers should be a minimum of 44 inches. The only passengers who are allowed are those between 40 to 43 inches tall only. These little ones should be accompanied with a driver who is 18 years old or above.

Tips: Maximize the fun riding the bumper boats with your whole family. Challenge each other and see who will be the driest after the ride! So better exercise those thumbs and target them with the built-in water guns! You can even bump them towards the water fountain and be the winner of the challenge! Just don’t forget to put on the life jackets for the young kids. This ride is perfect for this hot sizzling summer season.

Batting Cages

Vallotton Youth ComplexVallotton Youth Complex – Image credits at the end of this article.


Features: It has plenty of room for baseball and softball enthusiasts. Dare yourself to practice your eye coordination and strength to hit the ball. You can choose to play with their three pitching machines: the slow pitch softball, fast pitch softball, or the baseball pitch machine. The park provides the helmet and bat or you can simply use your own for luck.

Attraction Fee: $1.50 for 25 pitches; $14.00 for 30 minutes play; $22.00 for 60 minutes play

Restrictions: The players must be a minimum of 6 years old. You must be at least 48 inches tall. Another reminder is you need to show an ID with picture to borrow a helmet and bat.

Tips: It is required to wear closed shoes for this attraction. So be reminded to bring extra closed shoes on the way to Malibu Castle. Bring extra shirts too, for you can totally perspire or get wet on their featured attractions. Again, to make your experience more memorable, ask a family member to challenge you on the batting cages. Find out whose going to hit more balls! To make it even more fun, increase the speed and make the competition more exciting!

Game Room

Magfest gaming roomMagfest gaming room – Image credits at the end of this article.


Features: It has lots of arcade games to choose from. Some of which are different sports games, dance revolution, hockey tables, racing games, shooting range games, and stuff toys claw machines. There is a token machine in the arcade area or you can simply buy the tokens at the counter. A ticket-counting machine is available for an easier way of redeeming your own choice of instant prizes.

Attraction Fee: $10.00 for 50 tokens; $20.00 for 120 tokens; $75.00 for 500 tokens.

Restrictions: It is a non-smoking room. No alcohols are allowed.

Tips: Roam around the area first so you and your kids can play the arcade games you like. Make sure to use the ticket-counting machine to easily count all your tickets. There are vast displays of instant prizes at their redemption counter. There is one more thing you need to know, free tokens are included if you decide to purchase a group package. Click here to view the full list of group rates. This can help you save extra bucks.

You can also check out their website for special rates and promos to avail discounts. The Malibu Castle is located at 3330 Cherry Ridge Drive San Antonio, Texas 78230. You can contact them at 210-341-6663 or give Isaac Anaya an email through [email protected] . You can visit their website for further details and information.

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