Trying to find fun things for your family to do on a budget can be a little tricky. Many times we shell out big bucks to occupy our kids, especially during the summer. Many times, the last thing we think of is looking for a decent playground, because honestly, once you been to one, they almost all have the same components; A slide, monkey bars, wood chips and maybe a rock climbing wall if your lucky, possibly a few tunnels and a park bench to sit on. But get ready to discover an amazing playground, that can literally keep you and your kids busy from morning until night! It’s so amazing in fact, many schools and daycares take field trips during the summer coming in from all over Pennsylvania, just to visit this one of a kind park.

Welcome to Kid’s Castle!

Kid’s Castle is located in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The address for this park is 425 Wells Road, Doylestown, Pa. If you live within driving distance to Kid’s Castle, it is a must see park! And 110% worth the drive. It’s not like any park you may have seen before, because it’s actually located right within Central Park in Doylestown, so aside from the amazing Kid’s Castle playground there is also all of the parks other sites, all located on this 108-acre facility. You will find tennis courts, three soccer field, volleyball nets, two basketball courts, and one and a half miles of walking/biking trails! You can pack a lunch and even enjoy eating at the picnic pavilion! There is even a small “tot-lot” playground not attached to the castle, in case your child prefers to play where it’s less crowded.

The Castle

Eilean Donan Castle PanoramaEilean Donan Castle Panorama – Image credits at the end of this article.


Of course everything at the park seems to revolve the amazing Kid’s Castle. And why wouldn’t it? It’s a huge wooden castle, going up eight floors! Imagine your child traveling into a wooden castle playground, climbing up eight levels of fun, to reach and amazing swirling slide to take them safely back down to the bottom so they can do it all over again! The tallest part of the Kid’s Castle is thirty-five feet high! The inside is much like a wooden maze, leading kids in and out of maze like paths going higher and higher until they reach the top! The wooden structure is semi dark inside, perfect for keeping the kids cooled down in the summer, since hardly any sun gets into the “castle walls” the coolness from the shade makes this park a great summer day trip!

And although the largest park of the Castle might be the cherry on top, the wooden castle also houses many other areas of interest for the kids. There is a promenade for toddlers, complete with littler slides, a “tree house” area that resembles a club house for kids to go all around and about, a bard yard, complete with large wooden painted animals, and slides and swings galore!

So What are You Waiting For?

The park is kept very clean and neat, so you won’t have to worry about trash and broken glass flooding the wooden chips. It’s a great spot for kids, teens, and parents a like! Your bound to have fun at Central Park in Doylestown, just don’t forget to make your way to Kid’s Castle! It’s seriously family fun for everyone! And best; it’s completely free! Who could ask for more?


Dobbertiner SeeDobbertiner See – Image credits at the end of this article.

Image Credits

Eilean Donan Castle Panorama Eilean Donan Castle von Süden aus fotografiert. Mit der kompletten Zugangsbrücke. English: Panorama Eilean Donan Castle viewed from south. With the complete by CC via Wikimedia Commons

Dobbertiner See Source stitched by Marku1988 by CC via Wikimedia Commons

Eilean Donan Castle Panorama