With Halloween less than a week away, would YOU dare to test your courage in a haunted house or castle, or even a cemetery? There are many documented haunted sites around the world. There’s probably one not far from you, no matter where you reside. Would you be brave enough to venture onto or into such a place, this Halloween…. or any other time?
Haunted Places In Canada

In Winnipeg Manitoba, the Fort Garry Hotel is said to be haunted. If you happen to stay there, you may or may not want to be booked into a room on the second floor. Many have witnessed ghostly apparitions. One room in particular, is said to be seeping blood through the walls.

In Banff Alberta, the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is widely known for being haunted by more than one ghost. This historic, castle-like hotel is the eternal residence of a young bride who reportedly fell to her death while descending the grand staircase, which is now closed off to the public. On the eighth floor, room 873 has been permanently sealed off, the doorway cemented in. Stories tell how a family was murdered in that room, and their ghosts have been left to linger.

In Regina, Saskatchewan, Government House is famous for it’s hauntings. This building once served as the residence to the Lieutenant-Governors of the Northwest Territories, so it boasts a very long history. If you happen to be brave enough to tour this historical mansion, you may witness doors opening and closing on their own, hearing footsteps where no one is walking or even notice that items have moved from one spot to another, seemingly on their own.

In Ottawa Ontario, the Ottawa Jail Hostel is very much haunted. At a time when Canada still had the death penalty, the gallows were in operation here. It only stands to reason that there may be a few lingering ghosts, perhaps men who were put to death unjustly for crimes they didn’t commit, still seeking out retribution or absolution, or even those who were guilty and still refuse to move onto their eternal punishment.

Haunted Sites In The US

Long Beach California, where the Queen Mary cruise liner is docked, is now a popular tourist and ghost-haunting attraction. It was first launched as a cruise ship in 1934, however, during the second world war, it was commissioned for use in carrying troops over seas, as well as bringing the wounded and dead soldiers back to the US. Is it possible that these poor victims of the war still remain aboard the ship?

In Fall River Massachusetts, the home of the infamous Lizzie Borden has become a Bed and Breakfast Inn. It is thought that the parents of Lizzie Borden still reside within the home, dismayed that their brutal murders were never really solved. It has been reported that haunting sounds of children’s laughter can be heard (perhaps the remnants of happier – or maybe even sinister – times with Lizzie and her sister still resonating), as well as ghostly faces appearing in photographs taken within the rooms of the house.

It goes without saying that there are several haunted sites in Louisiana, the Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans being one of them. There are many tales of a young child still searching into the afterlife for his parents through the rooms of the hotel. Also, several past workers of the hotel, including maids, butlers and other staff members, still walk the corridors, assisting present guests during their stay.

In Nevada, you will find the old Thunderbird Lodge, which was built in 1936. Ghost hunters have found this lodge to be a hotbed of paranormal activity, with numerous orbs and streaks found in photographs, ghostly voices on tape and even apparitions hovering about. At one time it was a well known hangout of the rich and famous, such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Marilyn Munroe. It is believe that their ghosts still show up for the occasional visit.

Of course, the most famous haunted building in the United States is the Whitehouse itself. Many believe they have witnessed sightings of past presidents, especially the ghosts of Abe Lincoln and Andrew Jackson, as well as first ladies Dolley Madison (wife of President James Madison) and Abigail Adams (wife of President John Adams and mother of President John Quincy Adams). Is it any wonder that they never cared to leave this grand, magnificent building after calling it home during their presidential tenures? Sadly, these ghostly viewings aren’t something that the average person is able to experience, but the stories are interesting and intriguing just the same.

Hauntings In The UK

Haunting sculpture within Chichester Cathedral - geograph.org.uk -Haunting sculpture within Chichester Cathedral – geograph.org.uk – – Image credits at the end of this article.


England is very much known for its many haunted castles, hotels and pubs. With so many old buildings that still stand, having vast histories of well over 500 and 600 years, it’s little wonder that several ghosts still choose to lurk about.

Dalston Hall, in Carlisle, England is one such hotel where there is little doubt of it’s many hauntings. Both staff and patrons from the past still inhabit the rooms and halls of this hotel. Many apparitions of women in period dress, or giggles of young girls in a room that’s been cordoned off for years, can be seen and heard throughout the hotel. Ghostly apparitions have even been sighted wandering through the grounds.

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland England comes by it’s name honestly, being one of the most active sites for paranormal sightings. It has an extremely long history, dating as far back as the 13th century. Sightings of a young lad dressed in blue has been witnessed by many. In fact, during the 1920’s, a grave was discovered within a wall, revealing the bones of a young boy, along with shards of blue clothing. Also inside the wall, were the remains of yet another body. Could this perhaps have been his mother? Does she also still walk the halls and corridors of the castle, as the rustle of her dress can still be heard.

One can’t forget the many pubs that are often reputed as being haunted. King’s Cellar Pub in Croydon England may be one of the most active, where glasses and bottles are said to move around on their own, sometimes falling to the floor and breaking. There are often unexplained cold spots, as well as the occasional fire that appears and then disappears. Once believed to have been built on the site of an old fire station, which might explain the occurrence of the phantom fires and ghostly apparition of a firefighter from the past. This building is no longer used as a pub… is it any wonder?


Of course, there are thousands and thousands of other sites, buildings, homes, castles, theatres and pubs, places that are both ancient and modern, that are reported as being haunted all over the world.

Where there is death, there is bound to be a few lingering spirits who refuse to move onto the next realm. Either they are not aware of their death, or very much aware that they have passed on, yet refuse to leave their present surroundings. Sometimes they have a score to settle, possibly wanting their untimely deaths to be adjudicated. Sometimes they might need a little help getting to the other side. Sometimes they just like to either return for a visit or remain forever in time, because they felt the most happiness (or sometimes even sadness) at a particular place when they were amongst the living.

No matter what the reason, we will most likely have to continue sharing our space with the space and time of those who have long ago passed on.

Have a Happy…. and safe, Halloween!

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Haunting sculpture within Chichester Cathedral – geograph.org.uk – DescriptionHaunting sculpture within Chichester Cathedral – geograph.org.uk – 1141556.jpg English: Haunting sculpture within Chichester Cathedral By by CC via Wikimedia Commons

Haunting sculpture within Chichester Cathedral - geograph.org.uk -