England’s rich history rooted in the royal family gives way to the multitude of castles and mediaeval architecture found throughout the country. Taking a trip to any of the castles is a fascinating experience into another place and time. These well-maintained venues are a great opportunity to take part in authentic English culture, and see the lands of England from a royal perspective.

Castle tours allow visitors to walk through almost all areas that include towers, chambers, and dungeons. Visits may also include walk-throughs during war times, along with theatrical re-enactments of key events throughout English history. Enjoy your next historical visit at any of thee best castles in England.

Leeds Castle

Photo by Elektro Plan

Take a journey to the world of Henry VIII at Leeds Castle, found in Kent, England. This castle was built in 857, and the grounds are now completely furnished with classic furniture, authentic antiques, and unique tapestries. The outside grounds are reminiscent of a fairytale; whispering gardens and vineyards, a rolling hill golf course, and walled garden overlooking the lake around the castle surround the grounds. Leeds Castle is one of England’s most-frequented castles, and is open for visitors most months of the year. Call (+44) 1622 765 400 for more information.

Lincoln Castle

Photo Copyright Jo Turner

William the Conquerer once lived at Lincoln Castle, found in Lincolnshire, England. The castle is famous for the Lincolnshiire prison in which many prisoners of battles and wars were housed during an eleven-year stretch in the late 1780s. Visitors can climb up to the towers and enjoy the observatory viewing; the exquisite landscape of Lincolnshire can be viewed from a soldier’s perspective! Call (+44) 1522 511 068 for more information.

Scarborough Castle

Alan Walker / Scarborough Castle / CC BY-SA 2.0

Scarborough Castle is poignantly located in Yorkshire, sitting atop the prominent hilltop between two bays. Built in the early 12th century, Scarborough Castle played an important role during World War II as a secret listening post. This reconstructed castle now offers interactive displays and a rich museum of artifacts for the thousands of visitors each year. Call (+44) 01723 372 451 for more information.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle Upper Ward Quadrangle – Photo by Diliff

Windsor Castle is the Queen’s official place of residence, and probably one of England’s most well-known locations. It is a ‘working palace’ as many locals are aware of the Queen’s attendance at the castle with the singautre white flag diasplayed when she is in the area. The Royal Collection of painting, sculptures, and tapestries is available for viewing every day, and it continues to be a popular tourist destination for the Windsor area.

Corfe Castle

Photo by Tallguyuk

Corfe Castle is a must-see, located in Dorset, England. This mediaeval castle has roots as far back as the year 975, the spot where King Edward was stabbed to death after his step-mother’s direct orders. This fortress has barely survived the centuries, but today’s reconstruction efforts provide the opportunity to enjoy Corfe Castle Model Village in all its glory. The village features historic buildings, classic businesses, and distinct cottages in an (almost) complete replication of the earlier days. The castle’s ruins can be explored easily, and tours through the area will provide you with a rich historical guide. Call (+44) 0192 948 1294 for more information.

England is rich in royal history and medieval traditions, even with today’s contemporary influences. From reconstructed towns and buildings, to museums filled with antiques and tapestries, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about English tradition and history. Enjoy your next tour at the best castles in England for an escape into the times of old!