You know you’re in a house of prayer

When you’re in a castle in the air

You stand in aw when you see his wonder

But start to shiver when you hear the thunder

You look to the right and see the God of grace

But to the left — A prisoners case

You try to push open the big golden gates

But and evil face says “that’s not your place.”

You shiver once more, and quickly disagree

“You’re misunderstood, that’s where I’m supposed to be!”

“Well then,” he says, “do you have the key?

Down there you come in for free”

“NO!” you shout, “I’m going with the lord,

Because my heart has been restored”

“Now you go back down to your pit of despair,

I’m headed up there — To the castle in the air.”


Image Credit: © 2014 Ruth Lesslie. Licensed under CC-BY.