In a small town south of Columbus, OH called Circleville, is the home of the Castle Inn. The Castle Inn was originally built by Samuel Ruggles in the late 1800’s as the first mansion residence of the Ruggles family. Mr. Ruggles was inspired by many castles in Europe, so he added certain touches such as towers, arches, a grand staircase, and stained glass windows. The Inn also has a parlor where guests can relax, or it can also be used for various meetings, luncheons, or parties. The parlor seats approximately 20-25 people.

The real intrigue of the Castle Inn is the romantic and exquisitely decorated rooms. The Inn has a variety of rooms and prices to choose from for couples or singles wanting to get away and take a brief step back in time. The Round Tower room, located in the Northwest corner of the castle, features an original bathroom that is paneled in rose marble, an enormous soaking tub, queen size cherry canopy bed, an original honeycomb gas fireplace with mantle, table and chairs with accompanied chandelier and dimmer switch, and of course the basics such as cable TV with VCR, alarm clock and stereo. The Round Tower room is a favorite among honeymooners and ranges in price from $139 and up per night.

Besides the well sought after Round Tower room, the Castle Inn also has the Square Tower room in the southwest corner of the Castle, the Garden Fireplace room which overlooks the walled-in garden of the Castle, and an entire 3rd floor of honeymoon suites. The honeymoon suites all have cathedral ceilings and queen size canopy beds, a heart-shaped jet Jacuzzi or bubble bath, private showers, a table and chairs, ceiling fans, and the regular amenities. The Cherub honeymoon suite is a little more luxurious with a grand sleigh bed with fluted columns and lace, and they also provide the bubbles for the heart-shaped tub. Rates for the honeymoon suites start at $139 per night for 2 people, depending on the day of the week. Among the honeymoon suites, the Victorian honeymoon suite is a favorite among women and the Medieval honeymoon suite is a favorite among men. These 2 suites have a few “extras” such as dual shower heads or an enclosed dining area. Rates for the Victorian or Medieval start at $159 for 2 people per night, depending on the day of the week.

If you would rather have a one of the other rooms that are not on the honeymoon floor, you can try the Square Tower room which has most of the same amenities as the Round Tower room. The rates for the Square Tower room start at $159 for 2 people per night, depending on the day of the week. Another excellent choice is the Garden Fireplace room that has a very unique 4-poster emperor’s queen bed along with the other amenities that are found in the tower rooms. The rates for the Garden room start at $119 for 2 people per night, depending on the day of the week.

The Castle Inn also hosts a Murder Mystery escape that includes the murder mystery with a one night stay. Rates start at $279 per night for 2 people, depending on the room selected. They also have a special ½ Sunday night discount when you purchase a Saturday night stay. Holidays are excluded and there may be certain blackout dates, so if interested you should contact the Castle Inn for more information. So, if you are looking for a unique yet romantic get away in a castle-style setting, I would recommend contacting the Castle Inn of Circleville. For more information, please call (740) 477-3986 or visit the website listed below. They can answer questions via email or telephone and also offer a brochure.

610 S. Court St.
  Circleville, OH 43113
(740) 412-2472
9am to 9pm

Visit the : Castle Inn Official Website