Castel Fontana, or (“Fountain Castle”) has a very exotic story behind it.

It was built in the XIII century under the orders of count Albert III, then ruler of Tyrol (Tirolo in Italian) then ruled by the Catholic Church, specifically the diocese of Coira.

The castle owes its name to a water fountain that no longer exists, but is speculated to have been located inside or near the site of the initial construction.

Throughout the centuries, control of the castle passed from one noble hand to the other. The castle was purchased and sold several times, mostly to powerful politicians or religious leaders of the region.

In the 1950’s, poet Ezra Pound’s daughter purchased the castle where she and her husband live ever since.

The castle is open to the public every day from April to October.

The locality also hosts a philantropic institution, the Ezra Pound Foundation, which helps the needy in the local community.

Tours to Tirolo can be booked at your hotel lobby or favorite travel agency.


Telephone: +39 0473 923533

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Photo by Rainer Wagner