October signals the start of fall, pumpkin pie and goblins. For a haunted fall destination, there is nothing quite like Beardslee Castle, one of America’s most haunted castles. Built in 1860 and experiencing several fires, it was renovated in 1992 into one of the elite restaurants in New York with a few unwanted guests. Some believe that these unwanted guests and strange happenings are spirits or ghosts.

Psychics and paranormal experts who have studied the views of the castle believe that something or someone is haunting the establishment.

When the Beardslee Castle first opened as a restaurant, strange occurrences began to unfold. People, who worked in the kitchen, discovered the utensils and plates to be moved, which became a common practice.

According to another legend, the Beardslee Castle was constructed on an old farmhouse which was built during the French and Indian War. Gunpowder that was stored in a tunnel was accidentally set off by Indians who came upon it. It is believed that some of the Indians that died during the explosion are the ghosts, haunting the restaurant to this day.

There have been several reported cases from customers and employees, who reportedly saw or heard strange occurrences throughout the castle over the years. Some of these events included voices from within the mansion after it was closed, hearing footsteps , seeing a blue light floating in the back room, and finding the lights on when they were turned off. An employee said he felt a shiver, and as he looked up he could see the image of a man dressed in black standing by the kitchen door, and then disappear.

In the early 1950s, travelers on Route 5, reported seeing a bright light yellow or blue, come rushing out of the trees towards their cars and chase them down the road. This resulted in several fatal accidents along that stretch of the highway.

People have described a young woman dressed in white who was seen sitting on the grounds of the mansion, some seeing her walk or stand near a window. She is also known as Abigail or “lady in white” suggesting that she might have been a bride who died the night before her wedding.

Beardslee Castle consists of many dining room areas situated throughout the manor. Many guests request the dungeon dining area hoping to catch a glimpse of a ghost, with Halloween being a very busy day. People far and near that travel to Beardslee Castle don’t seem to mind the ghosts that inhabit the manor. They come here for its unique atmosphere, reasonable prices and to experience fine dining.

Beardslee Castle hosts many weddings, banquets and dinner parties held throughout the year. There is a warm atmosphere as guests sit by the fireplace in the winter and recall the ghostly legends of the manor.

Whether you come here to get a glimpse of the supernatural, fine dining or both, one thing is certain, you will leave with a presence like no other.

Featured Photo Credit: Denver Gingerich