There have been many German castles that my husband and I have stayed in overnight. However, the German Castle Auf Schonburg has to be one of the most incredible and authentic castles to experience. Auf Schonburg is situated on the Rhine River above the Town of Oberwesel.

The Rhine River is adorned with breathtaking views of forty historical castles, lovely mountain-sided grape vineyards and cute villages. Auf Schonburg will capture your romantic heart as you step into medieval times. Auf Schonburg is a historical castle in its own right that dates back in history between 911 – 1166. However, it was converted into a hotel in 1957 by the Huettl family which currently is going on the second generation of ownership in the family.

The castle is located about fifty miles from Frankfurt. If you are not driving, you can take the train from Frankfurt and get off at Oberwesel. It is two kilometers from the train station to the hotel so you need to take a taxi from there.

Although there is a steep entrance from the parking lot, you could wait for their shuttle which is comprised of a tractor pulling wagon where you can hop on board. However, as long as you don’t have too much luggage, the excitement of the entrance will send enough energy to you that you might want to walk up the steep slope to see it quickly.

Auf Schonburg is so remarkable with its extraordinary courtyards, many mazes of rooms and passages, and dining room that it will make you feel like royalty. Our room was near the top of the castle. We were greeted in our room with wonderful German Chocolates and a decanter of brandy. We dropped our bags on the spot and walk to the casement type window to open it. You don’t have screens on the windows in Germany.

This allowed us to stick our heads out and breath in the panoramic view of the Rhine River while watching a train coming around a mountain bend where the historical Lorely Cliffs are. We were in awe as we listened to the distant whistle of the train getting close. Our senses were all lit up absorbing this magnificent treat.

The bathrooms are decorated in gold metal trim with grey and white large tiles. When you took a shower you had a lion’s head that was adorned in gold where the water cascaded down on your body.

A full breakfast was included with an assortment of foods from eggs, exquisite pastries, home made breads, fresh luncheon meats, and cheese to choose from.

Oberwesel is a couple of kilometers from the tourist town of Rudesheim. Rudesheim is such a quaint typical looking German town. It has narrow streets with a variety of shops to choose from. German music plays in the streets while you enjoy the day shopping. While in Rudesheim you can take a Rhine River Cruise or take the cable car ride up to the Niederwald Monument which sets on a forest edge above the Rhine River and enjoy the view of the beautiful grape vineyards.

Staying at Auf Schonburg will have you yearning to come back to this area. The rates range from 95 Euros for a single room up to 250 Euros for the honeymoon suite. In today’s dollars that is about $142.50 to $375 per night. The cost was worth it because the memories are priceless.