Go back in time to the era of knights, royalty, and peasants when you visit Ravenwood Castle in New Plymouth, Ohio, which is not too far from Columbus. On the grounds, experience the grandeur of the medieval castle, the unique and intricate designs of the diverse abodes in the medieval village, or the nomadic lifestyle of the gypsy wagons. Have tea and a pastry in an old-fashioned tea room, or take dinner in the great hall, or visit the artisans and crafters of the little shops.

Just beyond the Hocking Hills, and nestled in the sprawling woodlands of the Wayne National Forest, Ravenwood Castle is an overnight retreat like no other. Cross the drawbridge into the main castle, where you can stay in anyone of the royalty-themed guest rooms, including the King Alfred the Great room, with it’s burgundy tones, four-poster king-sized bed, and whirlpool bath, the King Arthur Suite, with two rooms, a fireplace, king bed, Jacuzzi, and balcony, or Queen Victoria’s room, with its Victorian furnishings, fireplace, and deck overlooking the woods. Even more adventure can be found inside the castle in the Sherwood Forest room, decorated with leaves, branches, ivy, and handmade wood furniture, and including a fireplace, garden tub, and balcony, or Rapunzel’s Tower, the room that tops the castle, and has windows on all sides.

Those are just in the castle! Outside, find the cottages, where guests can sleep in the Spinster’s Cottage, the Woodcutter’s Cottage, the Silversmith’s House, the Clock Tower, or Cinderella’s Coach House, based on structures from the 15th to 19th centuries, and all decorated with fitting furnishings and ornamentation.

If you enjoy roughing it, the Gypsy Wagons are authentic replicas of the real things. Parked just beside the woods, which offer a fair amount of shade, these wagons do have electricity, and some modern-day amenities, such as lights, a small refrigerator, and a microwave. Showers and toilets are shared outdoor facilities, and visitors must bring their own bedding and supplies. It’s for the campers!

If you live in the area, or you just prefer not to sleep at the castle, you are still invited to come and see it. You can make a reservation to dine in the Great Hall, or just explore the grounds, perhaps taking a snack in the Coach House Tea Room, or perusing the merchandise at the wonderful Little Shops. There aren’t many places in Ohio where you can see a castle like this one.

Ravenwood Castle is located at 65666 Bethel Road in New Plymouth, Ohio. To find out more about this unique attraction, call 1-800-477-1541, or visit the website.


Featured Photo Credit: Ravenwood Castle Staff