Medieval Lore fascinates me. I could lose myself in medieval culture, people, artifacts and architecture. Our family has visited numerous medieval encampments and venues. Living in the United States cripples us, however. In medieval times, the United States was native American territory. That’s a fascinating time in history as well. But medieval European history is my particular interest. I’m completely enamored with the filth and splendor, the garish and grotesque, the devotion and superstition of medieval times.

Skipton Castle

Thankfully for internet resources, I’ve found interactive websites, virtual tours and photo galleries on medieval sites. Many castles have been turned into museums and public visitation sites. If you’re fascinated with things medieval like me, then a visit if only virtual, to Skipton Castle in North Yorkshire, England must be on your travel agenda. Built in the 12th century, shortly after William’s Norman Conquest Skipton Castle is one of the oldest and best preserved Castles in Europe. Painstaking attention to authenticity, detail and historic preservation is a benchmark at Skipton Castle.

On the Fun Page you’ll find dozens of free printable activities based upon sites, scenes and historical figures from Skipton Castle’s colorful past and pageantry. There are enough free printable materials to create a week long unit on medieval Skipton castle. Use these printables to explore medieval life.

You can print free coloring pages from the castle; the drawings are detailed, accurate, and very challenging to color. There are images of Lord and Lady Clifford. There are color images of the banqueting hall, the solar or withdrawing room (later it will be shortened to drawing room) and the medieval kitchen. Each of these rooms have a corresponding coloring page. All three are detailed and accurate.

You can also print a medieval diorama of Skipton Castle and grounds. It includes furniture and people at work. Again the images are accurate and vintage. You can print images of the castle exterior. For those interested in medieval warfare, you can color battle scenes, weapons, knights and other authentic and accurate coloring activities. There are also several word searches with vocabulary. There are two printable artifacts as well: stationery and an envelope used by Lady Clifford. My daughter and I were impressed with the attention to detail the activities.

If you’re forced by finances to be an armchair historian and traveler, visit the virtual museum and links at Skipton Castle. Take a tour with your mouse. The site features current day images of the castle as well as historic paintings of Skipton. Explore the history of the Clifford duchy, owners of Skipton for centuries. Explore ancient Skipton forest, an old growth medieval forest. A trip to Skipton, in person or on the internet, is well worth your time.